Modern Pointed Pen Script a-z

3 hours

This mini calligraphy class is perfect for the beginner wanting to try their hand at pointed pen lettering for the first time. If you've never picked up a pointed calligraphy pen, this is the class for you! It's also perfect for folks wanting to brush up on their script skills. We discuss the tools and techniques of modern pointed pen calligraphy and also instruct students on the lower case alphabet a-z.


Modern Pointed Pen Script A-Z

3 hours

Take the techniques you've learned with the pointed pen and practice more complicated Capital Variations. In addition to learning majescules A-Z, we will also discuss tips for flourishing and making your letters and words balanced. Suitable for anyone who has tried their hand at pointed pen letters.



Script Monogram Design

3 hours or 7 hours

Who doesn't LOVE a monogram? You know when they're even better? When it's designed for you, by you! This class focuses on script monogram designs and offers students a step-by-step journey into making their very own! No pointed pen script experience is necessary.