Script Design | From Traditional to Modern

Weekend Workshop

Creating your own lettering style is fun and easy when it's based on the foundation of traditional letter forms. As a calligrapher and stationery designer, Bailey has made a name for herself over the years with her unique and varied calligraphy styles.

Besides it being fun to experiment with and design new styles, this process has been crucial to developing her business and making her work stand apart from other lettering artists. In this four week course, we dive into the process used to create different styles, whether they're traditional, modern or somewhere in between. By focusing first on the "nut and bolts" of letter construction and traditional letter form variations, we offer students of all levels a unique opportunity to both train their skills and develop uniqueness at the same time.


Layout and Design for Calligraphers

3 hours or 7 hours

How to approach designing a piece when looking at a blank page can be one of the most difficult challenges we face as artists. Luckily, with some simple techniques and exercises we can easily create a successful and dynamic design. Students will come to class with text that they'd like to practice with and work toward a finished piece for their portfolio.



Script Monogram Design

3 hours or 7 hours

Who doesn't LOVE a monogram? You know when they're even better? When it's designed for you, by you! This class focuses on script monogram designs and offers students a step-by-step journey into making their very own! No pointed pen script experience is necessary.